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The tickets for ‘Imagine’ are sold in 5 sale cycles: each cycle has a limited number of tickets. When the tickets in the cycle are finished, the next cycle of ticket start to be sold at that cycle’s price.
‘Imagine Purim’ is always on a very high demand. Last festival the first cycle tickets were sold in less than half an hour, and almost two months before the festival began the festival was sold out. So, it is recommended to hurry. The earlier you buy, the more money you save and guarantee a place at this unique oasis for the 3 most beautiful days of the year.

Cycle 1 – Nis 475 
Cycle 2 – Nis 499 
Cycle 3 – Nis 525
Cycle 4 – Nis 550
Cycle 5 – Nis 575

Entry is 22+ upon presentation of ID. Anyone who arrives and is under the age of 22 will not be able to enter and will not receive a return of payment on their card. Children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by parents. Children up to 3 years of age enter free of charge. Child ticket cost: 190-250.

No entry between the ages of 12-22.

Details on the rooms, the glamping tents, cancellation procedures and transfer of tickets – further down the page.

Air-Conditioned Glamping, Rooms and Tents

Throughout Shitim there is a very limited number of rooms. This year we are also including 10 air-conditioned glamping tents. Details about the rooms, and spaces below:

Private Double Room – there are only 3 of these – in the rooms there is a double bed, air conditioner, refrigerator, kitchenette, coffee corner, toilet and private shower with hot water, sofa, bedding and shelves.

Wooden Cabin – there are 3 of these – 4 single beds, bedding, air conditioner, refrigerator, luxurious balcony, private toilet and shower, and a coffee corner.

Air-Conditioned Glamping Tent – there are 10 of these – each tent has a desert cooler to cool the space, 5 mattresses with bedding, 4 windows, lighting for the night, a mat on the tent floor, an electrical outlet, a pleasant shaded and pampering glamping village area.

Imagine tickets can be canceled up to 14 days after purchase with a cancellation fee of 5%. After more than 14 days from the moment of purchasing the ticket, the tickets cannot be canceled for any reason.

It will be possible to transfer the ticket and sell it to someone else, but please note that this year, in order to transfer a ticket, you will have to fill out a ticket transfer form in our system. This is the only way it will be possible to transfer a ticket. We will upload the form here on the website soon.

In any case, please buy a ticket only if you intend to come, and please do not re-sell the tickets at a higher or lower price than what you brought them at. If you come across a case of fraud, please contact us by email and let us know. Thank You!

For inquiries, questions and anything else contact us – [email protected]

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