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★ Opening Gates ★

Gates will open: Thursday 16:00
Festival will end: Saturday 16:00

It will not be possible to enter the camping area and the festival before 16:00 on Thursday, please do not arrive before this time, nor will it be possible to set up tents before then.
Please obey the instructions of the parking and security guards.
Please leave the camping paths clear and leave enough room for friends.

Animals are not allowed (yes, dogs included), we will not be able to let you in with them, sorry.
Do not light a fire of any kind on the orders of the police and the fire department, this includes gas bonfires and anything of the sort.
Do not bring glassware, knives, weapons and drugs into the festival area and camping grounds. There will be a security and safety check at the entrance.
Please respect festival instructions and avoid any inconveniences.

★ Cleanliness ★

It is important for us to keep the festival grounds and all the surrounding area clean. Please help us and respect nature, the space and the place. Keep your camping area clean. Do not throw paper or anything else in the desert, take everything with you and leave the place more beautiful than how you found it. Thank you.
★ Facilities on the Festival Grounds ★
On the grounds there will be delicious vegetarian and vegan food stalls, including a well-stocked bar of healthy and refreshing juices. You can of course buy everything there. There will be public showers and toilets. We will have a colorful and beautiful artist market, an excellent place to come and buy beautiful works, handicrafts, treats, accessories and more.

Want to take part?
Facilitators, Helpers, Low-Income Tickets, Artists' Market

★ Helpers★

Registrations have started…

★ Facilitators ★

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★ Low In-Come Tickets ★

As with every ‘Imagine’, we are allocating a number of significantly discounted tickets intended for people who find it difficult to make ends meet financially at the moment. Fill in the details and if relevant, maybe you will get the opportunity to purchase a discounted ticket to the 16th Imagine Festival.

★ Artists’ Market ★

Intended for all stall owners, clothes, jewelry, artists, creators… If you have beautiful and special products, we invite you to contact us and open your stall at the upcoming Imagine Festival.

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