Safe Space

★ Personal Space ★

It is important to us to create a pleasant, protected, harmonious, open, safe, respectful space. Please be super sensitive to both your own boundaries and the boundaries of those around you. And most importantly respect these boundries.
No contact (verbal, physical) is taken for granted. Any contact only takes place with the full and informed consent of both parties. Please let’s all make an effort together.

We will show zero tolerance for sexual harassment of any kind.

During the event there will be a Harassment Commissioner and a safe space to contact her for support with any problem or concern. If there is one, we will be very happy to know in order to support and treat the situation accordingly.

It is also important for us to inform you that we have guidelines and a code of ethics for our workshop facilitators that they all sign and approve it. It is important for us to maintain a healthy and professional distance. You can read our code of ethics here on this link.

If you have been harmed or witnessed harm at The Imagine, we want to know. You can write to us by email:
[email protected] – responsible for a safe space, this email is only available to producers of the event.

Safe Shores “Hof Meftachim”

We are happy to say that this year during the Imagine “Safe Shores” or Hof Meftachim will operate with a group of about 20 staff members.

Safe Shores is a community project that was founded 7 years ago and offers accompaniment and support to people facing crises of any kind during festivals and parties.

We believe that given support and a safe environment, an experience that could have been shocking and even dangerous, can be avoided. Our team of escorts consists of therapists with experience in various fields and volunteers who have undergone the training for escorting in extreme situations.

Safe Shores works in close cooperation with MDA and the security system of the event, it offers available support on the grounds in our safe complex, away from the highly stimulating environment of the event.

If you feel confused for a moment, upset, you feel like you need solid ground, grounding and support, at some point during the festival, this is the place to go.

This is an opportunity to be reminded to take care and listen to yourself at every stage, to drink water and not to overdo it with alcohol, etc…

For more details here is the website of Safe Shore –

Safe Shores in the Imagine Festival is located, in Komali, next to the Acro complex and after the food court… If you can’t find it, come to Info and ask there…

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